Daycare Centre 

Kleine Füchse


... just outside Forschungszentrum Jülich


’Kleine Füchse e. V.‘ is a parental initiative
offering 127 childcare places in eight different groups:


·       0 – 6 and 1 - 6 years, respectively (2 groups)

·       1 - 3 years (3 groups)

·       3 - 6 years (2 groups)

·       6 - 14 years (1 group)


Our centre is located in a historical landmark building: the former carpentry workshop of the Research Centre Jülich. The original outer walls are still standing, but the interior has been converted into a child-friendly environment spanning two floors.


In addition to rooms for every group, the building has larger sports halls and hallways, where the children can ride bikes and scooters and get some movement, regardless of the weather.


The garden includes a playground with sandboxes, swings, slides, and climbing equipment. Trees, fruit trees, and berry bushes throughout the garden provide further opportunities for the children to explore. In 2015 the playground was expanded to fit the needs of toddlers.


Our main focuses:

  • Forming a loving and personal connection to each child
  • Encouraging children to learn and explore with all senses
  • Developing a child-friendly approach to science and technology
  • Including parents in the maintenance of the daycare centre
  • Enabling self-determination via free play and organized activities between groups

Children are curious and open-minded about all aspects of life. We nurture this curiosity, and provide opportunities for the children to playfully experiment with nature and science in their daily lives.


Children learn best through sensory experience. They feel, smell and hear. A child‘s understanding of his- or herself and the world around him or her is fundamentally important to their growth and development.


Enabling young children to experiment and try new things in everyday life fuels curiosity and provides them with confidence. Age-appropriate scientific experiments, many in cooperation with the Jülich Research Centre, further enhance the children‘s interest in science and technology. In addition to our partnership with the Research Centre, several local field trips are organized yearly, in order to help our children discover their environment.


Our open activities concept:

The children‘s morning begins in their group room. After that, for several hours each day, the children are encouraged to choose their own activities and to mix with members of other groups. The caregivers spread out to watch the children. This way, the children become familiar with the entire centre and get to know all of their peers and caregivers.


This concept allows the children to exercise their independence and self-determination, further encouraging curiosity and confidence.


The caregivers supervise the children‘s activities, but they allow them to play independently and learn to problem-solve if they argue, stepping in only when necessary.


The children and taught to obey rules and follow a schedule, while at the same time being able to explore their own interests and build own skills, even from a very young age.

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